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Awesome POLE T-Shirts available for a limited time at Comic Strip Tees 

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Congratulations San Francisco Giants to the World Series title 2012!!!
Great team effort.

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The Gallery New World Stages in NYC will show the exhibit “First Contact, UFO’s, Aliens and Broadway” from September 7 to January 6.

A receiption will be held on September 21. The exhibition includes 4 cartoons of mine. New York City-based singer-songwriter Andrea Daly will perform at the receiption.

Please come by and say Hi.

For more info you can click here. The exhibit is curated by Bernard Stote and includes Chuck Majewski, Amy Hwang, Hillary Price, Shannon Wheeler, Rick Stromoski and many other great artists. Check the complete line up here.

Image by Bob Eckstein:

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The MoCCA Fest 2012 in NYC is coming up April 28 & 29th. Like in many years before, I'm excited to have a table and present my work. I will have the new book Make Guano Not War, greeting cards and originals for sale. - I hope to see you there!!!

MoCCA Fest is held in Manhattan at:

The 69th Regiment Armory
68 Lexington Avenue
between E 25th & E 26th st.
New York, NY 10010-1830

Saturday April 28th 11 AM to 6 PM
Sunday April 29th 11 AM to 6 PM

You will find me at table K16 1/2A, that will be at the south side of the Armory. There will be also an official after-party Saturday night, where the indie webcomix collective ACT-I-VATE will celebrate its 6th Anniversary. For mor infos just click on the links.

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Make Guano Not War
MAKE GUANO NOT WAR A POLE Collection by Thomas Baehr
- 60 Pages
- more than 100 strips
- introduction by Jennifer Hayden
- full color cover with b/w interior
- 9.0 wide x 7.0 tall
- US $10.95
- buy it online here
“This is Thomas’s great achievement: he doesn’t turn his penguins into people; he turns us into penguins. Thomas lets his handsome, tuxedoed, adult birds, and fuzzy, adorable juveniles, speak to us, sometimes with humor, sometimes with sadness, about the seriousness of global warming. Because if we don’t see it yet, they do. “And they know what to say about it, if only we will swim with them a little way, and try to understand. So flop onto your belly, slide over the ice, and dive into this collection of strips from Thomas’s ongoing webcomic, “Pole-The Comic Strip with Penguins”. It will melt your heart.” (From Jennifer Hayden’s Introduction)
Thomas Baehr created the strip POLE in 2005. In the same year the New York Press published it for the first time. Since then, the penguins appeared in newspapers, magazines, books, and the internet in the USA and in Europe. “Make Guano Not War” is the first collection.

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I participate with my strip POLE in this years Cartoon Contest of The Cartoonist Studio. The winner will get to run their comic on the GoComics.com website. Yes, I’m aware of Scott Kurtz’ and Brad Guigar’s opinion about this contest. But I took part in the contest anyway. Hey, you never know, right!?!

I hope you will find one minute to support me and vote for POLE.

I am Contestant 184 and voting started February 6th 2012. Everybody is allowed to vote, but there will also be a jury. To vote please go to http://www.thecartooniststudio.com/vote or click here. Unfortunately, you have first to sign in and become a Cartoonist Studio member. But it is free and easy to do, and you’re aloud to vote every six hours. To find the right strip, just type POLE into the search bar.

The contest will be a 10 week marathon where you will get a different POLE strip every week – as long as I will receive enough votes to move on to the next round. Thank you so much. Your vote/s is/are highly appreciated!!!

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As a big San Francisco Giants fan I have to admit that the season could have ended better as it actually did. But so what? That's the way it is. Last year, they won it all.
But as a baseball fan I have to admit that the sport had a great September with an awesome last week, and a very exciting October (so far). What else do you want? (Getting rid of that stupid DH rule in the American League!?!!!)
Well, ask Hal Steinbrenner, the Yankees' managing general partner. The NYTimes (10/08/2011) reported him saying: "I personally share in our fans' disappointment that this season has ended without a championship."
You know what? Just give the trophy to the Yanks and let the other teams play some ball. That way everybody will finally have some fun. Even Yankee fans.

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See the original post at penguinsforfree.com

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I'm not running for president. Nono.
But I decided to put my website penguinsforfree.com with my strip POLE - The Comic Strip with Penguins up for voting at Topwebcomics.com. As of today in my first month up there, I got 43 votes, which put me up on spot 656 in the ranking. Could be worse ... but to make it better you can do me a favor and vote for POLE here every 24 hours!!!

Thanks so much!

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"The conductor Joey Deluca of the G-Train is having another terrible day, until he runs into a few new friends..."

Written by Chris Miskiewicz
Art by Thomas Baehr

To read selected press about EVERYWHERE! please visit: MTVgeek GNYC and i09.com

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